More Ways to Cancel Sales!

Published on Sep 4, 2018

BeePlus has always supported manual and automatic sales cancellation functionality. You can read details about it from the blog.

Starting from today however, BeePlus supports two new cancellation options - on new payment and on reschedule. These options are different compared to other cancellation functionalities in BeePlus since they are handled by Bondora. Basically, when loans are put on sale, it is possible to tell Bondora to cancel that sale if there are any new payments for that loan or it has been rescheduled. I don't know all the details, but there's a high chance that cancelling sales this way is quicker than being cancelled by BeePlus automatic cancellation functionality. There are few caveats when using these cancellation settings though!

First caveat is a situation where items are already on sale and either of these settings have been changed for the rule - they won't be applied to the loans currently on sale! The reasoning behind that is that these flags have to be specified to Bondora at the time of putting loan on sale and not afterwards. One way to apply these settings to all items after changes would be to click on a "Remove all loans from sale" icon on the rule's detailed view and wait when BeePlus puts these items back to sale.

Another caveat is the fact that these settings are applied by Bondora, which means that it might cancel sale at some point, but you might have set up conflicting filters, which would put that item back to sale by BeePlus. Watch out for that kind of conflicting rules! One way would be to use these settings together with filters "Loan re-scheduled (in days ago)" and "Last payment time (in days ago)".