Selling Loans Is Free

Published on Nov 03, 2017

Selling loans on BeePlus is free from now on - new invoices will not have any transactions fee for sold loans!

Did you know that you can create different sale-strategies with BeePlus by combining different sale rules? There's a hidden feature in BeePlus, which cancels sales for loans which do not match your rule filters anymore after they've put on sale. This allows you to create a so called chainable rules!

For example, let's say that you want to sell your loans with current status with a premium so you will create a rule with filters similar to this:

  • loan status = current
  • markup percent = 10%

This makes BeePlus to put all your investments with current status to secondary market with a premium of 10% available for anyone else to buy. When they get sold, then you get what you wanted. However, when some of them will be overdue while still being on sale, then BeePlus notices it and will cancel these sales.

Now comes the good part - you can have a second filter with a filter similar to this:

  • loan status = overdue
  • loan status active for = up to 14 days
  • markup percent = 5%

This means that BeePlus will put the same loans on sale again, but with a smaller markup percent - in theory it's more likely to perform a sale with a smaller markup (or even discount) percent for overdue loans. Let's say that you want to add discount percent after loans have been overdue for up to 14 days, this is where filter "loan status active for" comes into play.

After loan has been in overdue status for more than 14 days, BeePlus will cancel sales! This means that you might have yet another rule with similar filters:

  • loan status = overdue
  • loan status active for = 15 to 30 days
  • discount percent = -5%

As you can see you can chain your rules indefinitely, which allows you to automate your selling strategies based on different statuses of your loans - using examples above you can increase discount percentages after loan has been in overdue status for a longer period automatically. It's one of the many simple examples where flexible rules like these with a smart system running them allows you to create quite complex and powerful rule combinations. Easy selling!