Detailed Analytics #2

Published on Sep 09, 2017

Finally detailed analytics for secondary market has been introduced! Now you can get similar reports in BeePlus for your secondary market buy rules as for the primary market rules!

Navigate to any of your rule's detailed view and press on the "X" (Excel) icon at the top left icon row to retrieve your first detailed report regarding that rule's filter. You will get it in CSV format with all the recent loans and their attributes seen by BeePlus and how are they matched against your filters. This hopefully helps you to see why your rules do not invest into more loans - maybe you have some filters set up, which never match for some reason.

Best thing about this functionality is that you can disable your rule, change your filters, request a new report and see how it would affect your match rate after these changes - this allows you to test rules without accidentally applying too broad filters when not interested investing into everything.